Catholic Church And Slavery
Aug 13, 1985, was a momentous day. It was the day Saint John Paul (then Pope John Paul II) formally apologized to Africans in Yaounde, Cameroun, over the role of the Catholic Church in engendering that inhuman trade, brutalisation and captivity of black Africans in slavery.

It was majestic to behold because for over two hundred years the Church had refused to come clean over its role in that infernal practice. It took guts for Pope John Paul to topple that dominant fantasy of the church and replace it with something pure and wholesome.

The Church was responsible for igniting the ignoble Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade which led to the forced migration of more than 40 million Black Africans to the Americas (in captivity).

Specifically, It was Bishop La Casas request that plantation owners take to black Africa for slaves that led to the first extensive shipment of black Africans and initiated what would later become known as the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade.

The Church became enmeshed in the Trade itself such that Jesuit Missionaries who also owned slaves in cognitive dissonance worked to alleviate the suffering of the Native American slaves in the Americas while pushing the Church to place some books critical of African slavery on the Index of Forbidden Books by the Holy Office between 1573-1826, a period of 253 years.

It was haram for any missionary to preach against slavery in the Church then. In fact, and indeed, history records that several Capuchin missionaries were excommunicated by the Church for calling for the emancipation of black slaves in Americas.

To be continued.....
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