PMB has no integrity period!

By Akioyamen Josephine

They say Phylum Chordata of homogeneous plumage congregates together (Birds of a feather flock together ). This is the state of the Buhari's presidency whereas we have seen it is populated by odoriferous toadies who are bent on feathering their own nests or the nests of their lackeys to the detriment of the Nigeria they are all mouthed they love. Grasscutter, MTN, Maina, $26Bn, Ikoyi Cash, all swept under the rat-infested lush carpet of the Villa.

In spite of what is playing out before our senses, some persons (called by Professor Pius Adesanmi, Abobakus) still try to assail our sensibilities by mounting defenses to excuse or extricate Buhari from the putrefying odour wafting from the Presidency by means of arguments replete with the logical fallacy of special pleading or the fallacy of the moving goal post.

The logical fallacy of special pleading is committed where one applies standards, principles, and/or rules to other people or circumstances while making oneself or certain circumstances exempt from the same critical criteria, without providing adequate justification. Special pleading is often a result of strong emotional beliefs that interfere with reason.

An example: Yes, I do think that all drunk drivers should go to prison, but your honour, he is my son! He is a good boy who just made a mistake!

An Abobaku trying to extricate Buhari from the rot in his presidency would say: President Jonathan is responsible for the corrupt acts of his henchmen but President Buhari is not because he is a man of integrity! Jonathan answers for Dasuki but Buhari cannot answer for Abba Kyari or AGF Malami because he is a man of integrity.

Moving the goalpost, on the other hand, occurs where the proponent of an argument demands from an opponent that he or she addresses more and more points after the initial counter-argument has been satisfied. It results in the proponent refusing to conceded or accept the opponent’s argument.

An example is what is playing out in real-time in Nigeria right now in the reinstatement and sack of the Pension looting guy.

The Abobakus first tried to justify why the reinstatement was legal and moral (Their lead proponent: my respected Chief Okoi Obono-obla (SSA to Buhari on Prosecutions) and, Garba Shehu (SSA to Buhari on Media and Publicity). In the case of the Chief Obono Obla, the reinstatement was justified because warrants of arrest which form the basis for the dismissal were voided by a Federal High Court in 2013 and a Magistrate Court in May 2017. When made aware of the fact that Maina was not dismissed because of the warrants but was sacked in accordance with Rule 04412 of the Public Service Rules, which states as follows:

“any officer who absents himself from duty or from Nigeria without leave renders himself liable to be dismissed from the service and the onus shall rest on him, to show that the circumstances do not justify the imposition of the full penalty.” (Maina didn't show up for work because he was wanted by the EFCC. He never defended himself against the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC). He was sacked on the March 5th, 2013 for dereliction of duty. He wasn't sacked because he had warrants hanging over him but because he refused to show up for work as demanded by law.)

My venerable chief shortcircuited especially when his principal, President Buhari agreed with the argument of the wailers and did away with the reinstatement!

Now he is laying the blame for Maina at the doorsteps of the EFCC. Check his interview with the Punch. In spite of his flourishes about law, morality, the independence of the FCSC, his attempt at providing an exculpatory rationale for the AGF illegal and immoral turn, he ended up shifting the goalpost from his first argument of justification for Maina to the inefficiency of the EFFC in failing to arrest him in the first place! If this is not a classic case of the fallacy of the moving goalpost, I don't know what it is!

As for Garba Shehu, his explanations are still evolving. The last one is that it is Jonathan or the PDP that got Maina reinstated! Check Professor Moses Ochonu's wall on this.

However, the argument they have not tried to puncture is that birds of a feather flock together. Buhari surrounds himself with corrupt men. Therefore he must be corrupt. Otherwise, his moral compass would never allow him to be seen in the company of men with such moral turpitude. He is one and the same with the corrupt men flocking around him. That's why he can't do anything about them. He is loyal, yes, but loyal to what he likes and derive benefit from. He is a man of no integrity.

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