The next day came, I prayed to the God my
mother serves that morning in tears because I
did not have the nerve to refer to him as my
God at that moment knowing what I’m up to. I
also prayed for my mother. I called her full
name in my prayer.
“Abigail Oluwadbunmi Isaac, o ni foju sukun
omo, Ina omo oni jo e loruko Jesu”
(Abigail Oluwabunmi Isaac, you we not weep
over your child and You won’t loose any of
your children
I felt that prayer needed to be said in my

We set out with no hospital in mind. We saw
a hospital and decided to try it. We are about
to enter the gate and something stopped me. I
tried to take another step but its like there’s a
force pulling me back. Right there I knew it
was a sign.
“Tunde! I’m not setting my foot inside this
hospital, let’s check out another one”
He looked at me and he was like what’s going
“What’s wrong with this one nau, let’s go in
first and make enquiries”
“No, I said firmy. My spirit is against this
We continued our search and came across
another hospital and we decided to give it a

We entered into the hospital, I walked up to
one of the Nurses at the reception and told
her I wanted to see a doctor.
She brought out a form for me to fill. I filled
it and gave it back to her.
She told me to go back to the reception to sit
that the doctor will call me in.
I joined Tunde at the reception, some minutes
later, I was called.

I entered the doctor’s office with Tunde. We
exchanged greetings. He asked me some
questions including why I wanted the abortion
and I gave my answers.
He discovered I was a student and She asked
for my School ID card which I showed him.
He told me I’m going to take another
pregnancy test which I did. He directed me to
the hospitals laboratory.

Deep down within me, I was hoping the result
will come out negative, that is the only thing
that can put a stop to this nightmare, but
unfortunately the result came out positive.
An hour later, we were back in his office with
the result.
He checked the result and documented it, he
also wrote down somethings on the case note.

“Are you responsible for the pregnancy?” he
asked facing Tunde.
“Yes sir” he answered.
“Did you agree to the evacuation?”The doctor
“Yes sir, it was our decision” he replied
The doctor brought out a form and gave it to
“You have to feel this consent form, which will
serve as an evidence that you agree to the
whole process”
“I just told you I did”
The doctor smiled. “You know we have heard
of some cases of guys who sued hospitals for
aborting there babies without their consent.
So you see there must be a proper
Tunde nodded and filled the consent form.
The doctor gave us the bill and told us to go
and pay to the cashier. The fee was quite
expensive. It’s a big hospital, so I already
envisaged this.
“This is too much” he said as soon as we step
out of the doctor’s office”

“Seriously! So you would have preferred we go
to a quack ehn? See I won’t let you ruin my
life, if anything happens in the future, you will
look for an alternative” I said giving him a
scornful look. To be sincere I’m beginning to
hate him.
“Wait! Where is that coming from?”

I ignored him, I went to the cashier and paid. I
already withdraw enough money from the ATM
machine that morning.
After the payment, I was told to sit in the
waiting room beside the OR( operating room)
I was there alone. I called my cousin and told
her my plight just in case anything happen to
me. I told her the name of the hospital and all
she needed to know.
The doctor called me into the OR, I saw the
instruments on the table and ran out.

“ I can’t do this” I cried
He asked one of the nurses to call my
boyfriend. He came and encouraged me but I
was scared. The doctors decided to give me
anesthesia to put me to sleep.
Hours later, I woke up. I saw my boyfriend,
doctor and two of the nurses staring at me.
They were all sweating profusely despite the
fact that the air condition is on. I look at
Tunde’s eyes, they were red, its like he has
been crying.
What’s going on here” I asked, terrified.
Watch out for d next episode.
But wait. Who do we blame here? Sin is a
disease if not properly checked graduates
daily and becomes a torn in d flesh. Let's see
what happens next

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