Does anyone notice this, that in the 80s when you see a herbalist shop or medicine/Supplement shop, You take a close look at it if the operator is a witch/native doctor or uses divination as a support base for healing and generating solutions.

That alone makes God fearing People stay away from them. Then also in the 1980s, if you travel to a new City, you just look around for the nearest Church to worship on Sunday without suspicion.

But today, the reverse is the case. People stroll freely to herbal homes/Shops, take all forms of herbal drugs/Supplements and remedy without fear or question of the Source and Spiritual inclination of the manufacture or the herbal doctor.

This can not be said of Churches and Men of God today. We rather have grown to be more and more sceptical and repugnant to proliferation Churches and Pastors. People no longer can trust to worship in a nearby Church for sake of emergency during a travel or for convenience because you may be doing so at your peril.

Why did I say so? because as technology and modernisation is increasing, most Native Doctors and Herbalist have also stepped up their game, they have evolved and metamorphosed gradually and smoothly into business Pulpits/alters they call Churches and bear any one of the titles of the Five fold ministry(Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets and Apostles), but their choicest title is the Prophet because they operate in it's perverted form through the "Spirit of divination and sorcery".

Their operation is closest because they both can peep into the Spirit realm. You will require thorough investigation, extra verification, strong recommendation and above all discernment of Spirit to worship in a Church other than the one you know these days or the one your Spiritual father endorses. Herbalist/Native doctors are gaining acceptance and Pastors gaining rejection.

What an irony, what a switch of role. The reason is also not far fetched from the fact that, in the 80s herbalist were after your "money and animal sacrifice" and churches and Pastor were after "your well being and Spiritual Solution" while Today genuine Herbal shops and doctors are "after your wellness and cure through Supplements/natural products" while most fake( Pastoring for the wrong reason) Churches and Pastors are "after your money and material sacrifice".

Are you caught in this web either as a Victim or the Vampire? God will deliver His own by all means possible from this manipulation.

To be continued...
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