There's an igbo proverb that says that if a snake fails to show its venom, little kids will use it in tying firewood. Dafe's knock woke me from sleep. He had come to give me the five thousand naira I had requested for yesterday. I looked at the stretched arm offering the money and I laughed out loud. If he had given me this money yesterday, I wouldn't have gotten my briefcase of dollars. God truly worked in mysterious ways.

'Baba, no worry again, I no need am', I said
'Hmmm, you sure?', he was shocked. It was the first time I have had cause to turn his money down. And rightly so, because I was no longer his charity case. He started to return his room. I followed him, I wasn't done. I walked in and Amaka looked up. As it was last night, she offered no greeting. It was obvious that whoever brought amaka up did a bad job at it.
'Hey babe, I don't know Dafe's plan, but if you want to go to Nora's spa with Ifeoma, I would pay. That's my valentine gift to you.'
I walked out without giving her a chance to reply. The silence and astonishing looks on their faces was a welcome surprise. Happy valentine's day people.

Ifeoma was already up and was cleaning the house as I walked in. She was in a good mood, and I was about to make it better.
'Happy valentine's day honey', I hugged her
'Same to you', she blushed
'Today would be the beginning of something new in our lives'
I had stopped smiling. She had to understand that I was no longer poor, without questioning the intricate details. I tried to be convincing.
'One of the deals I invested money in has started paying up'
'Which deal', she asked
'Baby, don't worry yourself about that, the only thing I want you to know is that our levels have changed',
'Sammy, hope it's not fraudulent', she went on 'things weren't so bad before',
I hushed her with a kiss. Indeed, like hell things weren't so bad before, as if I could take the next step if I didn't have millions in my closet. I pulled out fifty thousand naira and gave it to her.
'Go to Nora's spa and take Amaka with you. If this money is not enough, you call me, ok?'
'What will we be doing in that expensive spa', she asked.
This one was starting to be a bother. Ifeoma had to learn to adjust immediately or I start the search for her replacement.
'Baby, do whatever you see other women doing there', and that signaled an end to her questions.

Some hours later, I took them downstairs and hailed a cab for them. This strengthened my resolve to get a car as soon as possible. Oga Sammy should have a car. As the taxi drove off, I walked back into my compound. Dafe's car was still packed where it was, but the black car that was next to it wasn't anymore. I was instantly relieved. I got back into my room and secured my door. I brought out my bacco bag and counted the whole money again. I still couldn't believe my fortune. I got up to bring out a note pad in order to map out my investment strategy. It was chiefly the reason I sent Ifeoma to the spa. I almost stepped on the iPhone in that process. I picked it up and looked at it. I wondered who the real owner was and why he hadnt called to retrieve it. Curiosity got the better of me and I put on the phone.

As soon as it had powered on, it started buzzing. There was an influx of text messages, whatsapp and BBM notifications. I clicked on the text message icon. The last message on the log would have sent shiver down the spine of the poor Sammy. But looking at the money my tiled floor, i was insulated.


I clicked on the whatsapp icon. Several chats from scary looking code names. I decided to read the most recent. It was from dragon. Really, dragon!
Dragon: illegal, where you dey? Scorpion has called for your head. How long do you think you can live for after stealing from him.
I decided to play along. This dragon sounded like an aquaintance. Apparently my name was Illegal, it sounded tough at the time, 'Sammy aka Illegal'. It had a nice ring to it
Illegal: courier has been stalking me ever since I collected the briefcase, I didn't want to lead him to the meeting point. I will be underground till it's safe.
His reply came almost immediately.
Dragon: consider courier extinct. Would inform scorpion of your predicament. Lay low, you would hear from me soon. And do not put off your phone again.

I laughed out uncontrollably as I put off the phone. These dudes were acting James Bond in Nigeria. Consider courier extinct. I couldn't contain the laughter. I walked to my window and looked down again. This time I saw the black car and the the courier getting out of it.

Thanks NAYNA ASOMTO for this wonderful writeup 📝.
The End...
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