God will soon give up on the Nigerian.
God is a very kind and patient being. Were he not, Nigeria would have been gone by now in a puff of smoke. Our penchant for disturbing the Lord God with frivolities is legendary. We are in the habit of putting issues for which the Lord God has provided the intellect for humans to solve back at the feet of God.

We pray to God to provide roads, good health care, good schools, good rail system, drainages and flood channels to control flooding, great agricultural policy, and systems, factories, businesses, energy, etc while all the time we know in our hearts that we do not have these things not because God does not want us to have them but because we refuse to use the gift that God has so generously blessed us with to call all of these things into being. In other words, we know all of these are man made problems that could be solved with the intellect of man, yet we refuse to hold ourselves to account. We put the blame on God because he is ever patient, loving, and kind. We call his name in vain day and night for what we have wrought on ourselves.

God is not responsible for what ails Nigeria. Nigerians are. We can achieve anything we harangue God day and night for if we but apply our intellect and if we remove our heads from the anus of politicians who exist to feather their own nest at the expense of our intellect. We should pray to God for wisdom and not for mundane things God has already provided for us and which we have refused to claim.

Otherwise, God will turn his back on us with dire consequences.

She however said: The press machinery of the Benue State Government is the rustiest press operation ever known to man or how do you explain what seems to be a conspiracy of silence visited on Markudi flooding. Any well-oiled press machinery would have been hopping from one press house to the other bringing attention to this man-made disaster. Or are they putting a damper on this because questions would arise of what former Governor Akume, Suswam and probably Ortom did with ecological funding from the Federal Government?

Benue is ill served by these people. Really ill served.

She continued: SEMA is caught flat footed by Benue Flood.
Governor Ortom, as far as this flood goes so far, gets a pass mark from me. He has been seen neck deep in the frontlines of those trying to assess the impact of the flood. Most importantly, as a preliminary matter, he has ordered SEMA to set up shelters for victims at the unoccupied International Market, and the Presidential Building at Agan toll gate. We await his ecological policy for Benue and how he intends to enforce it.

However, it seems SEMA was caught flat footed by this disaster. Though it is an Agency set up by the state government to put in place an emergency response plan and put that plan to work in the event of an emergency, it is more known for operating ware houses for relief materials donated by the State Government, NEMA, public spirited individuals, NGO's and International organizations. It has never been proactive in its responses to disasters in Benue state be they man made or natural disasters. It seemed never to have any emergency response plan in place.

It is no surprise, therefore, to find that SEMA is only able to carry out the Governor's order in a haphazard, inefficient and ineffective manner. For example from my sources on the ground:

A. Camp set up with no mobile toilets, no source of water, no mosquitoes nets and most appallingly no bedding for people.

B. No food except those provided by public spirited individuals

C. Security is non est in those camps

D. No provision for children in spite of the fact that they constitute the largest demographic of the victims

E. etc

If there is an emergency response plan I'm yet to see it or it is yet to be activated nearly a week after the flood hit. This is shameful. The Execs of this body should be sacked and replaced by people more suited to this kind of thing.

Cletus Emoche Agada had a different view on Akioyamen Josephine's assertion.

You spoilt the write-up by being in a hurry to commend Ortom for God knows what.
The so called SEMA you're castigating, their staff are being owed at least 6 months salary arears. That's also an emergency.
Some of the things you mentioned like beddings, mosquito nets and so on, how many staff can boast of them in their homes and how are you sure they won't convert it to personal use if they have them?
Ordering SEMA to set up shelters is one thing but making provision for those shelters is another thing entirely.
How much did the Governor say he has released for these task, how many functional equipment do they have at SEMA before now, what is SEMA budget for 2017, how many staff do they even have?
I've been following Hurricane Harvey every step of the way and I can see what it takes to run an emergency service.

What I can say is that the Benue state government led by Samuel Ortom is not prepared for this emergency and you must stop separating the Governor from state government agencies that are directly under his watch.
This must have been the reason why they struggled to suppress the news in the first place.

Emmanuel Ogebe said:

Dear friends, Yesterday 1st of September 2017, I posted about the flooding that took place in my childhood town of Makurdi. A dear friend and humanitarian heroine Bukky Shonibare has mobilized for a relief mission.
Please join her in doing what you can to help. She has been immensely successful in missions to the northeast and is now directing her energy to assist flood victims in the middlebelt.
God bless her!

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