The talented young man divulged to De SOUL ENERGIZER-DSE about his life and achievements when he was interviewed. His response will only be published to make it look like a news story.

My Name is Destiny Onolemhemhen and I have a story to tell.

A story of the never ceasing grace, and steadfast love of Almighty God.

Born on February 6th 1989 to the family of Prof. and Dr. (Mrs.) Onolemhemhen in the small town of Ekpoma.

Had primary education at Ambrose Alli University Secondary School, Ekpoma and Secondary education at St.Paul Minor Seminary, Benin City. 

At S.S 2 at St. Paul Minor Seminar, I was elected to be master of ceremonies, more like a prayer prefect. Taking charge of organizing masses, organizing prayers and all religious activities. This task I did whole heartedly and successfully to the glory of God.

 Later, I was selected to be the personal mass server of the then Arch. Bishop P.E. Ekpu. That again I did whole heartedly, daily for one year to the glory of God.

I graduated from secondary school in 2006.

I Started University Education at Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma in 2007,  with a then, near impossible dream of becoming a doctor but had to start from pre-degree in physiology in 2007.

 At the end of 100 level, i was told transferring to medicine was impossible and that you had to have a C G.P.A of 4.0 to be considered. A challenge I thought was near impossible but gracefully I got transferred to medicine that year and then the journey started.

Combining politics with medical training was the toughest challenge I ever got involved in but it was a challenge I offered myself to, gracefully because to help permanently solve the health issues in Nigeria demands a lot of changes in and implementation of policies and not just the knowledge of how to treat the sick.

That I understood from the beginning and so I offered myself to the learning of both medicine and politics. A challenge I am most glad today, I embarked on. 

In year 2 in the University, I was elected to represent alongside two others to represent my class in the medical house of parliament during which I learnt a lot about parliamentary business and leadership and how it can bring about the betterment of human lives.

While serving at the medical parliament, I got appointed as the chairman disciplinary committee of the association and for that academic year, we did our best collectively to ensure discipline among medical students.

 I was also part of the Ad-Hoc committee (as secretary), that investigated misappropriation of funds by the then vice-president of the association. Investigations and reports of our committee led to her refund of a large sum of money to the association.

Year 3, we were told that only 50 students will be allowed through to year 4 and others will be withdrawn because of accreditation and quota challenges.  A feat I thought again was near impossible. God took me to the next level. I was now in 400level (clinical sciences).

While in year 4, we moved for the formation of Esan Students Association (National) and gracefully I emerged as the first vice president of that association. Our Mandate was to integrate Esan students all across the country into one body and channel our interests in unity. I did my time as vice president gracefully but resigned months into my tenure, when I realized that the motives of the president and secretary among other executives were very different from mine.

While I wanted the betterment of every Esan student, some unfortunately were focused on making their pockets better.

Year 4 also, I championed the student union government speakership campaign for a friend turned brother. I pursued this task wholeheartedly with so much commitment, as I did all the tasks and challenges I embarked on and gracefully he emerged not just as the S. U. G speaker but the first and only unopposed S. U. G speaker all, my time in school. 

It wasn't all rosy sincerely. I championed a fight for an S. U. G vice presidency and lost still in year 4 but even in loss, a statement was made. It got clearer and clearer that I had the trust of the students in college of medicine and they will trust me enough always to accept my opinions as theirs and my choices as theirs too. This trust I tried hard to never betray, even to the detriment of my own desires sometimes and am glad I could do my part to keep us standing as a force to be reckoned with in my very long stay with you.

Year 4 again, I Championed the youth/students wing of Esan North East local government campaign under the leadership of Arc. Mike Onolemhemhen( former minister of works) and by God's grace, my uncle. That election the PDP won overwhelmingly and this marked my baptism (as my dad stated then) into the business of circular politics.

I later in same year 4 became an integral part of student’s coalition for Arhiavbere for Governor, Edo Central Students, Serving under Comr. Barr. Itote Damisa as co-ordinator of College of medicine, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.  Our candidate lost that election but we never stopped contributing our own quota, standing tall till the end with the one we believed would make a difference in the life of the students.
Please Note this point that this write up doesn't completely capture all of the struggles I embarked on in my time in school and I take responsibility for those not captured. But all of the experiences and partnerships I cherish greatly forever.

 These and more stated were some of the most significant ones all through my time in school. 

There were also however National Association of Nigerian Students struggles we embarked on and won making the then treasurer from A.A.U and from ESAN land (precisely IRRUA) after years of not holding a position in NANS. And I will never forget the night of victory when the then treasurer elect traveled all the way down and stopped by Igbenedion Hostel on campus where I lived for a thank you discuss. That treasurer is presently the EDO central youth parliament representative and our friendship has graciously blossomed till this day and I can confidently call him a brother.

National Association of Edo State students, I was also part of the struggle then to get a president from Ambrose Alli University and also a director of welfare. Both served well and until date the friendship has blossomed.

There were also Protests led against the then governor Adams Oshiomhole’s government for the killing of some students by his security men at a Polytechnic in Benin, among his many other atrocities against Nigerian students. A protest after which, we had to offer our phones to sleep in a hotel that night cos we had no money, but we didn’t relent.

Year 5, I met a man who imparted my life so much so I cant ever tell my story without mentioning his name. Engr. Clifford Ordia. He remains a Father and a friend who has remained there, through my worst of times. I championed the students/youth wing of his campaign and by the special grace of God, that election was won gloriously and that relationship has evolved into a very strong bonded friendship in which I learned all I needed to learn before leaving school. I thank God I didn’t miss the opportunity of being his friend.

Year 6 I started the push for youth involvement in governance in Edo State, a push that later led to us seeking for a youth as deputy governor of Edo state.  This again we seemingly lost but the effect of the fight remains as every other day we now hear youth in governance and joy comes to heart knowing that the awareness level is increasing by the hour.

Year 6 also, I served as head of Dynamic PDP social media group, I served gracefully for a while under the leadership of Ogbeide Ifaluyi Isibor as the head of Edo Central wing of the group. That group led a social media revolution in Edo state beyond imagination and remains one that leads while others follow in social media activities in Edo State. Very unfortunately the group still exists but I am not a member even if I forever remain a member at heart.

I thank Ogbeide Ifaluyi Isibor for the opportunity given me to work with a great mind like His. I leaned a lot.

And finally here I am today as Dr. Onolemhemhen. Educationally, there were challenges too, several resit exams, and most significantly one year loss in the very final exam due to a strange illness that remains unexplained even medically. The mistake medical school made was giving an opportunity for resit. lol. I never missed a second chance until year 6 when I was sick and could not complete the exam. Boy that was major. The sickness that changed my life forever.

Friends disappeared. Hope was nearly lost. But God said No. God said its not my time and then I realized that friends are few, life is beautiful with beautiful hearted friends and there is a God and he isn’t you. With all the power acquired, there I was on my dying bed, left with just my mum and dad, brothers and just a few true friends.

In all of these we made lots of mistakes. Lots of them and we would stop at nothing to keeping trying to make everyone understand that we were naïve and young. We did our best, to the best of our understanding at that time. We didn’t cherish friends enough. We gambled about interests and also did a little bit of seeming betrayals but they are all not without good reasons

But why explain the reasons when I can just apologize. To those I seemingly wronged in the course of this journey through life thus far, I say from the bottom of my heart that I am sorry. I also have forgiven all those who wronged me and I hope you all find a place in your hearts to forgive.

Never forget comrades, that…..

Family is invaluable, protect them. Friends are few, cherish them. Life is beautiful, live yours daily with gratitude. Hard and steady work with commitment and dedication pays, work harder.

Above all never forget that there is a God who controls it all. It is never by your power or might. Seek His face and everything else shall be added unto you.

Mine is just a story of Gods unending grace and steadfast love.


Dr. Destiny Onolemhemhen.

His induction is today at Chris Oyakhilomen Hall, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. Time 11am.

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