The GREATEST SIN Against NIGERIA === By Akioyamen Josephine

The greatest sin ever committed to the growth and development of Nigeria was the coup of Jan 15, 1966, Coup. It set Nigeria back for aeons. Any student of democracy starting with the British North American Colonies revolt against Britain that culminated in the creation of the United States of America would tell you that any popular democracy properly so called has its teething problems.

In fact, and indeed, when George Washington was President of the United States there was a movement, a very powerful one at that, calling for his enthronement as the new KING OF THE UNITED STATES. He refused and set the tone for the presidency in the United states for the future. What if he had agreed? What would the history of the United States have been?

What if an ambitious general in the US Continental Army had struck when that country was lurching from one crisis to another, the fights in the House of Representatives, the Division of the industrial North and the Rural South, the pilfering of government money, the institution of the principles of 'to the winners go the spoil of office' by the populist government of Andrew Jackson (under Jackson 30% of the revenue to the United States government was stolen by a treasury officer who fled the united states with his loot to the UK) and the bankers held US hostage with the issue of their worthless paper money (an IOU in lieu of gold) (at this time there was no Federal Reserve Bank in the US, so every bank sorta turned their IOU into paper money even when they had no gold to back it up).

What if at this period when life was nasty, brutish, and short; the rule of law was in a flux and the court had no powers to conduct Judicial Review of laws, of government actions or inaction for another 23 years (after the first shot was fired in the American Revolutionary War) until it was institutionalised in the United States by the Supreme Court ruling in Marbury v. Madison under the court of John Marshall in 1803!

What if the American Democratic experiment had been truncated by overzealous military boys because the state was being operated with impunity, with no one, not even the courts, to question laws, acts, decrees, or the inactions of the governments of the United States, would the democracy of the United States had evolved into one that allows for the Judicial Review of Executive acts or omissions, and laws by the Courts?

The Coupist of 1966 stole from us the right to evolve our then burgeoning democracy into something that was quintessentially ours. The Militarist foray into the public affair for which they were not trained nor have the requisite experience set in motion events that culminated in the Nigeria we have today.

We lost an inexpensive government based on the West Minister model and brought in the highly expensive United State Presidential system. We lost a Federal Constitution in spirit and letters and brought in a Federal Constitution in name only. We moved away from a country that was rapidly diversifying and competitive to one of consumption. We lost our competitive edge in education to the havoc wrecked on the system by boys that followed in the footsteps of those that committed the original sin. We even had to fight a civil war to satisfy the megalomaniac ego of some of these boys. They created the command structure of the Nigerian economy to fulfil their selfish need. The warped the value system and removed talent, merit, and skills as the basis for the value we attach to individuals. Money, a commodity which the militarist had in abundance more than others because of their control of the government and the hence the economy was erected as the sole determinant of the value to be attached to persons. Hence, "my Mercedes is bigger than yours", became the order, and triggered the mind boggling rape of Nigeria by its prodigal children to this day.

It is no surprise that today Nigeria lay comatose. We have found ourselves relearning what it means to be a democratic country because of their actions. We are struggling to unlearn the habit of immediate alacrity and of the 'fire brigade' approach to governance that was beaten into our psyche by the military during our formative years. It will take some doing to become a proactive people instead of the reactionary way we approach issues. It will take some doing to find our place in the cosmic chain and begin anew.

I just don't think the Buhari Government or the Governors of the various states (particularly Benue right now) are the ones to do it. There is just no rhyme or reason for their existence. There is no discernible plan to turn things around. They are too deeply rooted in the past.
The GREATEST SIN Against NIGERIA === By Akioyamen Josephine The GREATEST SIN Against NIGERIA
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