The drama between former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole and former deputy Speaker Mrs. Elizabeth Ativie is still ongoing. It is on record when the former Speaker said that, ex governor gave her the vehicles as gift. That she won't return the gift. Adams Oshiomhole however denied giving her the vehicles for her own personal use.

Oshiomhole, who talked in a meeting with Journalists in Iyamoh, Etsako West Local Government Area of the state, additionally prompted the legislator speaking to Uhunmwode voting public to restore the vehicles or face criminal indictment.

Mrs. Ativie was a previous Speaker of the House before energetically swapping her position with her agent, Dr. Justin Okonoboh, to adjust the structure of political power over the three senatorial regions in the state, since she and the Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, were from Edo South.

She was reprimanded with Okonoboh, who hails from Edo Central and the ex-Majority Leader, Mr. Foly Ogedengbe, for asserted wrongdoing. They were told by the new Speaker, Mr Kabiru Adjoto, to restore the official vehicles in their ownership.

In any case, Ativie, through her legal counselor, told the House that the vehicles, a 2016 Lexus jeep, one Prado jeep and two Hilux vans, were given to her by the ex- governor for her own utilization because of what she did in the House for the tranquility of the state. Mrs. Ativie who was suspended for three months said that she enlisted the vehicles in her name and sold the Lexus jeep.

Oshiomhole who was not pleased with her statement said that, Ativie needs to restore those vehicles and I trust that the administration, regardless of whether the official or authoritative branch, needs to take after the legitimate techniques to recuperate those vehicles, and on the off chance that she has privatized them, charge her for taking. I had a meeting, by chance, with the individuals from the House few days after the change (indictment) and I distinctly advised her that she needed to restore those vehicles.

The ex governor however said, "You won't overlook in a rush that (for) everything that occurs in the express, the representative is the individual that everyone takes a gander at, regardless of whether he thinks about it or not. Indeed, even the individuals who realize that the representative does not know, they will still point the finger at him for everything.

"At the eve of the governorship decision, the House had motivations to roll out an improvement which balance what we regularly allude to as the tripod. Yet, once they rolled out the improvement, the thing was it is possible that she surrendered when the House understood that they concurred with the gathering that we expected to make an alteration or they arraigned the Speaker.

"What's more, they were not prepared to reprimand her since they said it would not be reasonable to impugn her, however there were contentions that, all things considered, she was hitched to an Esan (Edo Central) man and, along these lines, by marriage, she is Esan. Yet, again you realize that in Nigeria, it relies upon what suits you. One of the worries she raised was that now that she had the vehicles of the Speaker, on the off chance that she needed to leave and be made a Deputy Speaker, she would not be qualified for those four vehicles."

He additionally clarified that there was an agreement at the end of the meeting that she could utilize the four vehicles as the representative Speaker for the duration of her tenure.

Oshiomhole said that the understanding did not imply that her successor would have four vehicles on the grounds that the vehicles were implied for the workplace of the Speaker however "individual" to her as deputy speaker. That does not make her the owner of the vehicles. I don't have the power to give out government cars to individuals. It is for official use only. As far as she is no longer occupying the office, she should hand over the keys to the government. It is not her personal properties.

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