Rev. Mathew Akhaze Okpebholo who is a Revered Pastor in Church of God Mission, Uromi and CEO of Asphalt Company in UROMI, EDO STATE, NIGERIA said at about 4pm today the 14th of August 2017 on his Facebook profile:

"Some Nigerians are not been fair to our President. During the election you said Mr. President is uneducated, now the President has transmitted power to a professor of law, Senior advocate of Nigeria SAN, a pastor, a southerner, by reason of sickness which anyone of you can fall into, you are now quarreling, that same so called uneducated to come to take over from a professor.

What is our Problems? OUR President, don't listen to *"MOSQUITOES"*. Take care of yourself, Nigerians don't know what they want. They are good in celebrating thieves."

Some facebookers agreed with his opinionated statement while some were not pleased with the diction of the Man of God.

Destiny Onolemhemhen commented: "Dear OGA sir Matthew Akhaze Okpebholo. No Nigerian is a mosquito. With due respect to you, take note and people are asking for resignation on basis of incapacitation due to ill health which is a fundamental constitutional argument. Anyone can argue otherwise, but that doesn't make those arguing for a mosquitoes. Very wrong, if u ask me".

In response, Mathew Okpebholo wrote: 'My prayers for you my brother, may sickness not remove you from your duty post in Jesus name.'

Osagie Emmanuel Odigie said: "Thank you sir for this bitter truth. And funny enough, so many so called men of God still toll this same track of uneducated and greedy ingrates".

Michael Leleji said: "Buhari should resign so that we will know that it's Osibanjo that is the president because as it is now, there is no president in that country because not all decision Osibanjo can make knowing fully well that he is only Acting he still has a boss sir. Nigeria's are so stubborn when a lot of great men of God warm them against Buhari during the last election, they refuse to listen now they are the one suffering it."

Jeff De Winner said: "My position is that Buhari had the chance to build modern hospital in Nigeria. In international relations and image, it does not look good for a president of Nigeria to leave Nigeria indefinitely for medical vacation. What happens to millions of Nigerians that have no access to even Havana Hospital or Eko Hospital in Lagos, let alone having a standby jet in London while in a medical clinic? Why is Buhari's sickness a secret? He is a public personality and not a private citizen. Our resources are being wasted daily in London. It is business for the British clinic or hospital."

Asiazobor Osaigbovo who was not happy with the post of the Man of God said: "Sir you are someone I respect a lot. But on this, I disagree with u. First, it is wrong for you to call fellow Nigerians, mosquitoes.

Secondly, no matter how you look at it, it is immoral for a sitting president to be out of his country for 100 days at a stretch. Just imagine, out of 8 months in 2017, the president have been out for 5 months. This is almost going into Guinness Book of Record.

Thirdly sir, no matter how you look at it, there are certain decision the acting president can't just take, because he is not the substantive president. Been a professor of Law or SAN is immaterial here. Even though the lopsided 1999 constitution didn't specify the number of days a sitting president can spend outside of the country, but it does not sounds good for a sitting president to be out of the country for 100 solid days under whatever guise. If he feels the health can take the heat of been a president, he should fully transmit power to the vice, then retire & fully take care of his health. Please sir, God and Christianity is about morality, equity, fairness & justice. Thank You."

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