PREGNANT MAN: I drank tea, ate food, I was so full, I told her I want to piss...

[image_0 ]#HAPPY #BIRTHDAY πŸŽ‚ TO #ME
I am #DSE
I can stabilize You like #Stabilizer
Make You flow like River #Niger

An #UROMIAN unifying people from Africa, Europe and America

I spent 9 months in my mother's womb without a #Fee
I also ate her food 🍲 #Free
She didn't complain. Always taking food #in

I drank #tea, ate food, I was so full, I told her I want to #piss
After pissing, I told her I love 😍the way I #feel
I don't want to go back, it's you I want to #See
She smiled and gave me a #Kiss

My Dad came and said I'm blessed and named me #BLESSED
I've been trialed, tested and #trusted

He also named me #OSEMUDIAMHEN
Meaning, God is with Me
My mother gave me #ONOKHUEMHEN
Meaning, Goodness shall follow Me

Amen was what I said
As a son, I am the third
As a πŸ‘ͺ Family, I am now the third

Nature have a way of doing things
I still wonder the thing under the thing

July is full of memories
21st and 26th is a day I can never forget
Two Movies
That made me wept

There was a time, I was afflicted, My Mum ran from place to place to get me treated

What is wrong with him?, Doctor said nothing was found
My younger Sis. backed me to the crusade ground
Praying 4 me, I made her Wand

I knew something was wrong
What sins have I committed that can't be atone
My mother told me, my Son
You need to be strong

In my pain, I kept on moving
Life is just a movie
Each episode is different
My case was different

I got tired 😴 and waved them goodbye πŸ‘‹
My family rushed to me and said, you are going nowhere
We didn't sell and no one can buy

They screamed coz I've fainted for the third time ⌚
Wake up, it's not yet time

I was enjoying myself with people I saw in the other World 🌍
I woke up after some hours, saw them reading the Word
Give me pen and paper coz the pen is mightier than the sword

I wrote what I saw
The World is always happy seeing someone fall
Thank God when I fell, someone picked me up like a phone πŸ“± call πŸ“ž

There is a reason for my birth
There is life after death

That is a book on its own
What you think you know is not actually what you know

Things do happen for a reason
I'm now the reason for the season

Nobody believed in me but I believe in myself
Now, people want to hold my shirt

I can't change the World
But I can make people change their Word

I will ginger you to the top
Just keep moving nonstop

Today is a happy Day
5 days ago was a rainy day

It will always be like that
I used simple words for you not to ask, what is that

Some people don't understand my diction
You have to think and rethink for you to get the diction

I love rational thinkers
They are good riders

Riding to my destination
Even in tribulation

When I smile, they don't know how I got it
When I laugh πŸ˜‚, they don't know how I got it

I've been through
And I came through

Thank God 😜I'm plus one today
Join me to celebrate πŸŽ‰ coz it's my day.

Author Blessed Inegbedion
A Writer, Poet and a Motivational Speaker.

PREGNANT MAN: I drank tea, ate food, I was so full, I told her I want to piss... PREGNANT MAN: I drank tea, ate food, I was so full, I told her I want to piss... Reviewed by De SOUL ENERGIZER on July 25, 2017 Rating: 5

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