Akioyamen Josephine wrote: Nnamdi KANU is not a Buharist phenomenon. He started calling Nigeria a ZOO in 2013 . The difference now is that the government of Buhari played into his hand by arresting him and making a hero out of him.

Now KANU is the single most potent political force in the Southeast. In fact, he is regarded now as the legitimate leader by a large swathe of the population of the south eastern states and the Igbo in diaspora.

I saw this firsthand in my friend, a deep, rational and intelligent thinker. A member of the faculty of one of the universities that dot the landscape of Canada. I place her in the stratospheric heights of critical and dispassionate thinking until KANU is mentioned. Then you see how emotionally invested the Igbo are to the intransigent quest of KANU.

Anyone that tells you that KANU is a marginal figure within the Igbo political cosmology has another think coming. He is clearly beyond that. Unless, the Government and people of Nigeria are ready to take this problem head on and find a middle way to maintain the integrity of Nigeria we have some trouble approaching that could wipe out a whole generation.
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