Wow! 😮, I've never been shown love like this in my #life
No one can cut this love with a #knife

To be earnest, I'm #grateful
You guys are #wonderful

There wouldn't have been #DSE without #You
You guys just made my belly #full
Your messages are so delicious like Inebhen #food 🍲

You don't know how I #feel
How I wish I could just open my heart for you to #see
It is a very long #list
I will screenshot some for you to #see

I was drenched by the love 😍 you poured on #me
From Mr./Mrs. A, B, C, D to #Z

I'm a Nigerian. Permit me to speak my Nigeria #language
It's part of the #tutelage

My love 4 U nor dey bring #smoke
It will keep increasing more dan Garri wen Dem #soak
Me, I nor dey #joke
You are so useful like 🚲 bicycle #spoke

I think 💭 I'm tribeless coz I have so many #Families
#DSE WHATSAPP GROUP 1,2&3, DSE FACEBOOK GROUP, DSE FAN PAGE, that alone is a #community, #kikikikikikikikiki

Uromi Voice is a wonderful family that gathers people together
Esan Mega Forum is a unifier that unifies people together

My Unique Press Club members
You gave me lots of things to remember
Your uniqueness will take you further

My Media Unit Members
We've been together for long and the love I have for you will be forever

My beloved Corporaters,Which are stars ✨amongst #men 👬
Your constant demand made me to make good use of my #pen ✒

DSE, we love your voice
Don't worry, one day, you will be a voice

We know you are busy updating your #website
Pls. come and energize us #sir.

My HND FAMILY, Thanks for the messages, I appreciate
We will never enervate but elevate

I must not fail to salute the President of Esan Mega Forum, my prolific Innocent Omozokpia
No one can cut the love I have for you with #Opia

Thanks Cherish Albert AkhimienmhonanMy undisputed #Elder
That is what I always call you coz you are a good #leader

My undisputed Paulinus Okpere, thanks for the powerful message
Your critical writeups can make someone to open a new page
My beloved brother who is from a good parentage

My selfless #Admins
Who keen in without asking for a #meal
Your type are #rare
Thanks for your love and #care

#Stephanie, you are worth mentioning
I never knew you were noticing
Thanks for reading my articles
You will surely reach your goals

Thanks the handsome Prince Odi Okojie
You will be the head and not the tail
You will not wail but sail

My beloved Shola Clarkson
Your talent will make people run after you like Ben Johnson
You are unique and classic

Joseph Osahon IlehWap junior, may your aspirations turn reality,

My undisputed John Ewah
A prolific writer that uses his pen to make and not Mar

My beloved childhood friend who turn a brother, Andrew O Iyere, Thanks so much
You are a Torch

My gentle and unique Boss, Pascal Ebosele, thanks Sir.
Thanks so much the undisputed Yusuf Bukhari
I'm so grateful, for real

Thanks so much Elder Danny Iyobhebhe
God will not make us fail

Thanks my wonderful brother Paul DonnySax
Continue to soar higher bro

The undisputed coolest cool, my gbanski PC, Momoh Usman, thanks Boss

My undisputed Boss, a unique Lecturer Wilfred Oritsesan Olley, Thanks so much Dr.

My Boss, Thoni Ubaka Ofunne, I'm always quiet in your class coz that is how I learn. I learnt story writing from You and Mr. #Ignis #Ekwe

Mr Samson Omosotomhe, I salute you boss. This my Lecturer can tuck in 4 Africa, an Erudite.

Mrs. Adebola Akinola Ogunboyowa the nicest, I salute you my gbanski Supervisor


Rosemary Unique Chuks, you 2 much

Ofure Lawrence Ojeabulu, You are a darling

Priceless Mary, the only girl that got 5,000 likes when she cut her hair, I sight You

Iyegbekedo Sandra Eki, you are blessed

Maryjane Ogechi, You are hearted

Vickky Iseheayou are a darling

Freemann Candy, You are a big darling

Ebhodahe Glory, you are lovely,

Itz Savi Gee, you are hearted

Lily Lizzy Joseph, bigger you I pray,

Bella Kingss Tavijo, you are a darling

Obode Vicky, you are a darling
Bleble Mele, You are a sweetheart

Holuwah Kemi, you are blessed

Favour Josey, I heart ♥ You,

Crystal Rankings, I heart ♥ you,

Gina Ebode, you are blessed

Samuel Peace, you are lovely,

Isaac Aisosa, my beloved, I love you 😍 😍 😍

Omolewa Roseann, you are hearted

Mirabel Nonso Ugochukwu, you are hearted

Blessing Obehi Iseghohimen, you are hearted

Blessing Ewoigbe, bigger you I pray

Jenny Flourish IG, thanks Dear

Sanni Sandra, you are hearted

Ayooba Timilehin Famouz, thanks dear

Nelly Eve, thanks my beloved friend

I must not fail to salute my undisputed Mr. Paul Idehen
You will never #fall

Kkz Tha Comedian, you are hearted

Austin Smith, my friend who turn a brother, a big thank You for your support

Linx Lyon Sunshine, keep #shining

Nelson Osonameh Aluko, thanks so much sir

Iwelugim Stanley, thanks so much my bro and Colleague,

Christian Koke Abanum, you are hearted bro

Kingsley Idahosa, thanks so much sir, you are hearted.

Cent Whitny , my childhood friend,

Zika, my beloved Colleague

TruthomonBusy, bigger you I pray with no limit

Kehn fidel, you are hearted,

Prince Raf, you will rule the world

itz Tbwoy, I sight You Oshio,

Osayuki Andy, my beloved brother

OKWOR Emmanuel, soar higher bro

Dekeri Ayewole, you are blessed
, Zubby, My Colleague

Apostle Solomon,
West Victory,
Princess Omontese Eselebor,
Prince Mike Bliss,
Phylia Solomon,
Blessing Khen
Ebhodahe Godwin, ,
Hilary Fortune,
Destiny Onolemhemhen,
Nelly Asanor.

All likers and commentators, I love You
Don't be angry if I fail to mention your name. You all are hearted.

Above all, thanks to my Maker, GOD.

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