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I arrived Ughelli around 15 minutes after the fact and went to many organizations yet I was not utilized by any. I was opportuned to meet the executive of a well known privately owned business known as 'cake and heats' who introduced in realizing that I completed from OAU which was the school he likewise went to amid his days in higher organization, he offered me a seat and asked for my accreditations which I provided for him;

Executive: My companion, I should admit you have great capability here and great notoriety also. (Grinning as he look through)

ME: Thank you sir (with a returned grin, examining my 32)

Executive: There is an opportunity in this firm which I would have adored you to possess in any case, the issue is that you are over met all requirements for that position and I can't bear the cost of your compensation

ME: Sir, I'm not after the cash, anything you can pay will be alright by me Sir, if conceivable you can pound it to half

Chief: It is not as you think, I went to a similar school with you and figured out how to graduate with inferior lower yet here you are a top notch upper graduate, and you need to get something four times lower than what I am procuring? My companion I have heart thus I can't do that

ME: Sir, see eh! I will approve of even the cash you are paying your cleaners, all I require is quite recently the occupation so I can deal with my family

Chief: We are stating a similar thing, the world needs you. There are a huge number of firms out there that are searching for somebody like you, perhaps you should check some other place

ME: Sir if it's not too much trouble I will be extremely content with anything you pay me.

Executive: I'm sad however I have an arrangement to get up to speed with, simply give an attempt at Julius berger or any of the Dangote organizations. They can get together with your installment (leaving the workplace by driving me to the entryway)

I attempted different organizations both of all shapes and sizes yet my exertion was without much of any result. I chose to backpedal home and rest, planing to proceed with the following day.

Returned home and saw my whole family eating, I dropped my document on the seat and sat down vulnerably.

They knew all was not well with me;

MUM: My child, what is the issue with you?

ME: Mama nothing is the issue

MUM: But you don't look brilliant

ME: I'm quite recently tired ma'am

MUM: Please come and eat, this is the main yam and oil that is remaining. biko mo riemu I ask come and eat

ME: Don't stress over me mother, I don't have hunger for sustenance at this moment.

I cleared out the living room to my room just to have a rest since my muscle, joints and whole body throbbed…

I woke up late that night and went to the living room where I discovered my mum empowering my kin as I went along with them readily. She instructed us to be tolerant that Gods time is the best and urged us to tolerate with the hard time the family was confronting. When she adjusted off her nurturing exhort, we supplicated together as though we needed to tumble down paradise with our requests and bade each other goodbye…

The following day being Saturday I went out as normal to look for work yet it wasn't productive, what torments me more than anything else was the way that my mum's wellbeing was deteriorating. There was no cash to get her even torment help drugs which would not cost more than one hundred naira in our neighborhood scientific expert shop, not to mention setting off to the healing center. I needed to accomplish something quick, since I couldn't bear the cost of losing her since she was the main parent I have.

That night I went round the town and saw a man who needed workers that would enable him to gather his cassava.

"I revealed to him I could carry out the occupation myself, yet he demanded I add more hands to myself. I ran home and called Lucky so we could both carry out the occupation. We backpedaled to the man and guaranteed to take care of business before the finish of the day, he consented to pay us twenty thousand naira just on the off chance that we could complete the work that day. We gestured our heads in understanding that we would keep to our guarantee.

He at long last consented to give us the employment and took us to the land which made us amazed, five sections of land of land which is hundred by five hundred (100 x 500) secured with cassava… .

Well with the soul of hustling in us we consented to carry out the occupation however for thirty thousand naira. The old man consented to our offer which gloated our Morales, we pulled off our garments to kick the employment off in any event we got 4 hours till dusk…

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